About prostaCare

Our Journey


Prostacare is a Sydney based privately held corporation that was formed to commercialize products developed by Ionix Medical (USA). The Company’s first product is the office-based prostaFix System for treating enlarged prostates (BPH). Manufacturing, testing and regulatory work is being performed by Seleon (Germany). BPH is a common condition generally affecting men over age 50 that causes difficulty in urination and significantly reduces quality of life.

Ionix Medical performed successful pre-clinical studies and a clinical feasibility trial. The prostafix BPH treatment is a simple, cost-effective procedure performed in a physician’s office. It is nearly painless and patients report quick symptomatic relief. We believe the prostafix system will provide the best combination of efficacy, patient comfort, and minimal side effects allowing urologists to increase revenues by providing a more attractive treatment option to patients than any presently available.

The prostaFix treatment system is proving to be a highly effective and comfortable office-based procedure with minimal side effects and will be an attractive alternative for urologists. Prostacare plans to seek first the CE Mark opening up sevral large markets followed by individual countries including the USA.

Future Applications

Earlier development efforts discovered a method to utilize DC Ablation to treat prostate cancer. The ability to precisely control and contain the treatment with little to no risk of erectile dysfunction makes this system attractive. Future clinical trials can be performed to expand the indication to specific cancer indications including prostate.