Kai Kroll


Kai has twenty-five years of experience in the medical device industry mostly with startups and small companies.

He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering and a graduate degree in business administration (MBA). Mr. Kroll holds over 50 issued U.S. patents.

Kai began his career with Angemed/Angeion developing circuits for optimizing implantable defibrillator waveforms. He then took a position at Empi (now part of DJO Global) as the lead engineer on a new platform of EMG and biofeedback systems.

He was then recruited to lead research for a startup that developed the world’s first totally implantable hearing device (St. Croix Medical – now Envoy Medical). After 6 ½ years and with the product well into clinical trials, he joined OncoStim as the VP of R&D to do it again. After a few years, he was promoted to CEO, changed the company to Ionix Medical, and the focus to minimally invasive prostate treatments.

Following a successful human feasibility of the prostate treating device, Kai looked for a strategic partner for Ionix culminating in the asset sale to Prostacar and joined our board. He since co-founded Mesoflow to develop a novel disposable microfluidic channel for washing cryopreserved cells.

He is still CEO of Ionix Medical (now an investment company) and an independent consultant. He serves as a director on the boards of Ionix Medical, Galvani Ltd and as an advisor to others.

Kai has significant experience working with startups in financing, research and development. He especially enjoys the challenges of taking a “napkin sketch” to the happy patient stage.

He is married with three children and enjoys playing hockey in the winter and sailboat racing in the summer.