Creating Value

Benefits for patients

prostaCare’s treatment is very gentle and works better than the present standard drug treatment, which only treats the symptoms not the root cause of the problem.

The treatment is safe and fast. Only a mild, low direct current is used in what is a simple procedure that is done in the doctor’s office. A catheter is inserted and during the treatment the unwanted tissue is gently ablated and excreted by the bodys natural immunsysteme. Treatment takes just 30 minutes.

Pain-free – most patients experience no pain. There may be some discomfort from the catheter but anaesthetic gel helps overcome this.

Cost benefits – because the procedure is done in the doctor’s office it is much cheaper than having surgery in hospital, which is the other main option other than drugs.

No time off work or productivity loss. Because the procedure is so mild, patients can return to work quickly.

No side effects. The treatment carries none of the side-effects of drugs or surgery: No erectile dysfunction, no incontinence, no pain and because of this, it is an encouragement to early treatment and a protection against more serious kidney problems developing.

Long-lasting – the results lasts years and can be repeated. The treatment is effective for all but the largest prostates.

Benefits for doctors

Doctors will have a good alternative to using drugs or sending their patients for surgery in hospital.

Simple, easy treatment that can be done by either a doctor or practice nurse. The treatment involves inserting a small catheter using a handheld device that resembles a large electric toothbrush, then pressing a button on a small controller and waiting for ca. 30 minutes.

Pain-free for patients – so none of the distress associated with comparable treatments that use steam or a super-hot needle and are very painful for patients. Local gel anaesthetic helps with catheter discomfort during the prostaFix procedure.

Extra revenue for specialists or clinics as the procedure can be performed by non-surgeons or a practice nurse.

Saves on health system costs as the procedure is very low cost when compared with surgery. It doesn’t require a general anaesthetic – and the resulting longer stay in hospital.

Not much follow-up needed as recovery time is minimal and symptom relief is quick – about a week.

Value to society – cost, productivity and quality of life for millions

Millions of men around the world suffer from prostate issues as they grow older, causing pain and problems with urination, and greatly affecting quality of life. Present treatments are either invasive (surgery) painful (thermal) or relatively ineffective (drugs).

A simple, pain-free procedure that can be done in the doctors’ office would result in many more men being treated quickly, easily and cheaply. This would save hugely on health dollars because it avoids an expensive hospital stay. And, because the man can return to work quickly, there are productivity benefits for society too.

Further benefits are also likely because men would be readier to undergo a simple, painless procedure that is side-effect free. The result ? Serious kidney and other problems associated with under-treatment would be warded off. At present, ineffective drugs with unpleasant side-effects are often abandoned and surgery put off for fear of side-effects. All this does not yet take into account the improvement of the quality of life at home or at the workplace when men are sympton free and relaxed instead of having to put up with drugs and their side effects or the challenging symptons of prostate enlargement itself.