Meet prostaFix

How it works


prostaCare’s innovative handheld prostaFix device is a novel, safe, pain-free solution. It uses what we call "Ionized Water based Tissue Ablation".

What happens is that a catheter is inserted through the Urethra and anchored with a balloon at the bladder. Then by turning the handle, two very small acupuncture like needles extend into the prostate tissue. Via those needles a very low level of direct current (DC) is delivered changing the PH value of the tissue allowing the necrotic (dead or calcified) tissue to be found and ablated. All this happens slowly and precisely with no heat developing and no side-effects.

Before the treatment the prostate size and the extent of it being grown and harbouring necrotic tissue is being diagnosed by the doctor with the help of ultrasound. Then our proprietry algorithms built into the device and worked out through extensive research can be used to determine the final treatment time, i.e. the amount of energy delivered into the prostate which corresponds to the size and quantity of the problem tissue.

It uses what we call "Ionized Water based Tissue Ablation"

When stopping the treatment the body buffers back the ph value of the tissue within a few minutes. Because the process is so gentle it has no side-effects. It does not burn, glue, heat, abrase any other than the necrotic tissue and hence also not cause injury to any nerves in the surrounding area.


Because the catheter itself is inserted via the urethra there is also no incision in any surrounding tissue or a need for a general or strong anesthetic. In just a few minutes following the intervention the patient can get back to work or any other activity.

The prostaFix device itself resembles a large electric toothbrush with a slim catheter tube attached. The catheter is made of a flexible polymer material to ensure patient comfort.

The handheld prostaFix device comes with a small, easy-to-use portable controller that features an LCD touch-screen. This displays both control settings and treatment information.

The Business Model