A gentle treatment

the underlying working mechanism is natural and can barely be felt, with very low discomfort both during and after treatment

Easy to use

simple procedure takes just 24 minutes and requires minimal training

It is very effective

trial results indicate lasting effects beyond 12 months and the treatment can be used on patients with moderate symptoms

Very few side effects

no erectile dysfunction, incontinence or serious pain

Significant health system savings and benefits

no hospital stay, general anesthesia or capital equipment needed, meaning significant cost reductions for patient, doctor and health care system

Rapid symptom relief

significant improvements in BPH symptom score within 1 week

Facts from our Clinical Trials


improvement in quality of life after 6 months

24 minutes

treatment time

1 week

time to symptomatic relief


issued and pending patents coverig a broad range of technological applications

prostaCare introduces Neuflo®

Neuflo® is an innovative, easy-to-use device that treats the problems arising from an enlarged prostate that afflict 50 per cent of men over 50. It does so gently and effectively in 24 minutes in the doctor’s office and most importantly, it does so without loss of sexual function, suffering from incontinence, long term pain after a surgical intervention or being forced to urinate in a carry around attached bag.

  • BPH is one of the fastest growing diseases causing Years Lived with Disability (YLDs) and in the last  20 years it has dramatically increased.

    Dr Thayne Larson, Prostacare